The Tasty Chronicles Filipino Food Edition

Here’s what I wrote about the Filipino Food scene in Los Angeles. There’s more to come. 

Cafe 86 – Halo Halo Bread Pudding

Chef Bev Lazo – Filipino Kamayan Dinner

Silog – A new Filipino Restaurant In Torrance

The LA Filipino Food Review: Cubiertos Pop-up Dinner by Chef Lord Maynard Llera

Kalan Kitchen Debuts Its First Ever Filipino Dinner Pop-up in OC

LASA by Chad & Chase Valencia

Next Day Better Event Celebrates the Los Angeles Filipino Food Movement

Cremé Caramel 

Salo Series Filipino Dinner Pop-up Returns to Los Angeles

Oakland-Based Lumpia Chef and His Gourmet Filipino Lumpia Dinner Pops-up in Downtown Los Angeles 

Seattle-based Food and Sh*t Filipino Dinner Pop-up takes over Roy Choi’s restaurant Pot on Memorial Day Weekend

Chef Jeff Lustre Filipino Pop-up At Cafe Demitasse

Chef Aris Rodriguez – Baker Cakemaker.