Who is The Tasty Chronicles?


The Tasty Chronicles food blog is about my passions for food, wine, and dining throughout the Los Angeles area. In 2005, the whole culinary thing caught my eye as a result of some bad dates and ghastly meals at some unmentionable restaurants throughout Los Angeles. Coincidentally, (now don’t laugh) at the recommendation of a bad date, I joined a few Foodie dining groups. It is through these dining groups where I really enjoyed dining.

After all these years, I have a better appreciation for Los Angeles and its dining scene. I hope that what you gain from my food blog is an insightful view of dining from the perspective of a local.


The Tasty Chronicles website and its original photography 

Unless otherwise indicated, all original work (blog posts, photography, and video materials) on The Tasty Chronicles website have been created by me.  Materials from other websites, publications, bloggers, authors, and artists are always referenced to give credit.

I absolutely encourage sharing my blog posts and photos on social media and with your food and drink obsessed family, friends, classmates, neighbors, BFFs, your significant other, your dog, your cat, and perhaps your pet lizard. Share, but please, please, please, please don’t forget to reference my food blog on your website or social media site with hashtag #tastychronicles or #thetastychronicles . Thanks.

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