Early Morning Thai Breakfast at Siam Sunset Restaurant in Thai Town Los Angeles

Siam Sunset – Thai Town Los Angeles.

There are plenty of late night cheap eats in the Thai Town neighborhood of Los Angeles. But if you’re an early bird instead of a night owl, the search for breakfast in this ethnic neighborhood is easy to find. One of two places where I eat Thai breakfast is at Siam Sunset in East Hollywood (Los Angeles). Their Traditional Thai Breakfast menu is available at 6:00 am.

The Traditional Thai Breakfast Menu at Siam Sunset.

East Hollywood, in an early morning, is still fast asleep from the crowds of late night diners around Thai Town. There isn’t much to see on this strip of Sunset Boulevard other than a few parked cars, pigeons, and the occasional passerby walking briskly to catch a bus.

Siam Sunset, a Locals only Thai diner attached to a motel, is open bright and early to feed its Thai customers who are usually on their way to work or Thai Senior Citizens who strike up conversations with the owner and his staff or just a low key diner dining on a bowl of soup and watching the tail end of Thai news on the tv.

The most popular breakfast item is Jok, a breakfast porridge made with rice and pork ($5.50 USD). A chicken version is also available. A soft boiled egg on top adds a velvety creaminess to the dish. The flavor of Jok by itself is on the bland side. Adding some fish sauce, white pepper, and red chili pepper flakes enhances the flavor in an instant.

The Ginger Juice with Tofu Pudding is another breakfast staple ($4.50 USD). Served hot, it’s like instant energy when consumed. The side of Fried Dough adds a crunchy texture to this sweet dish.

The Deep Fried Pork was the most simplest of dishes on the Thai Breakfast menu ($8.95). It’s fried pork served with a small portion of Sticky Rice and Nam Jim Jaew, which is Garlicky Hot Pepper dipping sauce.

Chinese Donuts at Siam Sunset.

Another popular Thai Breakfast menu item is the Chinese Donuts also known as Youtiao or Chinese Cruller ($1.50 USD). It’s served with some Sweetened Condensed Milk. While some eat it by itself, there are others who rip pieces of the Chinese Donut and throw it into the Jok or any one of the other soups at Siam Sunset.

It’s Cash Only at Siam Sunset. Be sure to bring it before sitting down at one of the stalls. And note that street parking is enforced at 8:00am. Feed that meter anytime afterwards.

Siam Sunset 5265 Sunset Blvd., East Hollywood (Los Angeles), CA 90027.

Thai Cuisine, $, No alcohol, Cash Only. No website.