Rahel’s Ethiopian Cuisine is Your Next Vegan Dining Adventure in Los Angeles’ Little Ethiopia Neighborhood

Rahel’s Ethiopian Cuisine – Los Angeles

Ethnic dining in the Little Ethiopia neighborhood of Los Angeles with friends who are Vegan. A one block stretch of Fairfax Avenue is lined with Ethiopian restaurants and shops. Rahel’s Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine was the perfect spot to take my friends out for a vegan dining adventure.

On weekends, Rahel’s has a Buffet Brunch. However, the best dining experience is to order from the menu. There are an array of Ethiopian vegetable stews and legume dishes to choose from. The best of the best is ordering a platter with a little bit of everything from the menu. We got the Little Ethiopia Platter and some Sambusas for our appetizer.

It’s easy to compare Ethiopian stews to dishes like Indian curry. In a sense, the dishes have almost the same preparation, but with different spice blends. Expect earthier, comforting flavors.

Bread is gluten free bread called Injera. It’s made with an ancient graint called Teff. Break off a piece and it becomes your utensils for eating the main dishes.

After our wonderful lunch, we move to another spot for the Ceremonial Coffee Service. It is customary to serve guests with fresh roasted and brewed Ethiopian coffee after a meal.

Ethiopian Cuisine. Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Service. Vegan. $$. Cash and credit cards accepted. Street parking.

Rahel’s Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine
1047 S. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, California

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