Smorgasburg LA – The New Outdoor Dining Hall We’ve Been Waiting For


It isn’t your typical food court at the mall and it’s not a Food Festival either. It’s Smorgasburg LA, a new Sunday only dining destination in Downtown Los Angeles. 

Situated inside the 5-acre compound of the Alameda Produce Center, Smorgasburg LA transforms an otherwise vacant space into an outdoor dining hall. There’s a well-rounded assortment of gourmet food trucks and food vendors of almost every type of cuisine imaginable like Thai, Jewish, Japanese, American, and Filipino. Throw in a small selection of boutique shops, and Smorgasburg LA becomes a fun Sunday hang out. It’s perfect for those of you food-loving peeps who love the outdoors and those of you who like to work on that year-round tan. 


Seriously, all the food at this new joint seemed geared for the guys. Lots of cheap eats and I mean lots of them. Items like tacos, burritos, sandwiches, hot dogs, and the increasingly popular rice bowls were bountiful and mighty tasty. Don’t think I forgot you, Foodies and Hipsters. Some of the trendsetters in the Los Angeles area dining scene like Guerilla Tacos, Sticky Rice, and Donut Friend and others are there for your needs too. 


The curious of eaters seemed more interested to stop in their tracks to take that ultimate food pic of the Raindrop Cake; a giant dinosaur-sized tear drop intricately gelled and served along side a sweet sauce and some powdered peanut. I did get my 15-minutes of social media fame when I posted the photo on my Instagram, but I regret paying $8 to taste a different form of water. LOL. Damnit, hype sucks sometimes. 

In between hopping from one food stand to another, Food-goers ended their day by taking Instagram pics at the “I stuff my face at Smorgasburg Los Angeles” sign. It’s a tiny keepsake to remember all of the good food that one has eaten at Smorgasburg LA.

The only drawback was the parking. There’s plenty of parking spaces in the structure with the first two-hours free. However, depending on what vendor you visit, your wait could end up thirty to forty minutes long to get food. I know it was an even longer wait to get an icy cold drink at PopdUp. So think of the parking situation and your time when you attend.  I was the unfortunate fool to pay $18 for an almost five-hour stay at Smorgasburg LA.  Had I remembered that it was free street parking in Downtown on Sundays, I would have considered parking on the street and used the $18 for something else to eat.

Smorgasburg LA (at The Alameda Produce Center)

Between Alameda St & Bay St.

Los Angeles, CA 90021