image Food Photo: Cafe 86 Halo Halo Bread Pudding

What a dessert for the epic Fiesta Kamayan Filipino food pop-up by Chef Bev Lazo. Cafe 86 took over the dessert course and gave us a Halo Halo Bread Pudding. Having had several Cafe 86 desserts in the past, I think this one is their most decadent one of all.

The traditional version of the iconic Filipino dessert is basically a shaved ice drenched in evaporated milk and topped with tropical toppings, crunchy toasted rice, Ube jam, caramel, leche flan, and Ube Ice Cream. At Cafe 86, they tossed aside the old school dessert and spaz it into a twisted new version of Bread Pudding. I really love the tasty goodness of this warm version. It’s sublime! There certainly was no shortage of Ube in this dessert. The bread obviously soaked in a purple colored Ube egg custard.

Cafe 86
Locations in Pasadena and Chino.