I bought a Cafflano All-in-One Coffee Brewer today at CoffeeCon in Los Angeles. The demo was so cool. But what really got me hooked is that I can dial my own coffee grind with the built-in Burr grinder; in other words, I can adjust the grind level of the coffee beans. Sweet! 


I can’t wait to use this, especially at work since small batch coffee is my thing and I’m tired of drinking the run of the mill espresso drinks. Speaking of which, I picked up some small batch coffee beans at CoffeeCon too. Boy, I can already tell that this Cafflano All-In-One Coffee Brewer will be my new favorite thing for 2016. Geez, the year has barely started. Anyway, I was instructed to watch their YouTube videos to get familiar with how to use their product. The introductory video above is from their website.