Tacos Tu Madre Spices Up Westwood Blvd Dining Strip in West Los Angeles


I love the appeal of Tacos Tu Madre. It’s about time there’s a good taco joint on the Westside (West Los Angeles area) close to UCLA that has heart and soul.

Tacos Tu Madre is right smack in the middle of Tehrangeles; the strip of Westwood Blvd in West Los Angeles lined with Iranian shops, restaurants, and mini grocery stores. Tacos Tu Madre sticks out by catching your eyes with vibrant colors from a large Mexican mural of the Day of the Dead. It’s a tiny taco stand that is not-so-hard to miss. On the evening that I dined, the Firemen who finished a call next door were (like me) just as curious to know what the line from the little window was all about. This place even stops traffic during rush hour as drivers take a slow crawl to peep at what’s going on.


One simply walks up to a window from the sidewalk to place orders for tacos, chips, and drinks. The selections are written on a board above the window, but there are menus that they also pass out for those in line. After placing an order, it’s just a few steps to walk inside their small dining area where they deliver your food.

The tacos are definitely made with heart and soul. They kind of remind me of the Mexico City style tacos by Loteria Grill and the stewed ones by Guisados. Despite the similarities, Tacos Tu Madre is very different from their counterparts. For instance, they have fancy ones like my favorites the Mole Duck, the Korean BBQ, and the Crispy Shrimp Tacos. Their regular tacos also stand out like the Lamb Birria, the Crispy Chicken, and the Carnitas. Each taco has a jolt of flavors. They are mesmerizing to eat. 

What also makes Tacos Tu Madre stand out are the tortillas. They are small and crisp-like almost shy of being like a tortilla chip. It tastes really good by itself and holds up well with the meats on top.

Taco Tu Madre is definitely the PLACE on the Westside to eat great tacos. I love this little spot and I appreciate that they take credit cards too.  It was definitely worth the price I paid for parking on the street. Adjacent to the restaurant is a small paid parking lot. After 6:00 PM, parking costs $6.  

Tacos Tu Madre

1945 Westwood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 


Tacos $2.50 – 3.30. Seating inside. Accepts Credit Cards. Paid Parking. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Open 10:00AM – Midnight.