What to Eat Now: Organic Japanese Kiyoto Chestnuts in Torrance

Feast your eyes on Organic Japanese Chestnuts from Kyoto Japan. Hisaya Roasted Chestnuts is a tiny boutique shop in Torrance (Los Angeles), California just across from 85 degrees bakery. This Chestnut shop is the only U.S. location outside of Kiyoto, Japan.  

If you’re Asian like me…you obviously know that we love chesnuts, but what you don’t know is that Hisaya sells them year-round. Yes, they got them year-round. I found this bit of info when I visited Hisaya in Torrance a few weeks ago. I also found out that they require a special equipment to open the shell and they roast them in-house. It was nice to actually sit down at a table and eat roasted chestnuts. Believe it or not, but the Japanese Chesnut is bigger and much sweeter than their Chinese counterparts.

There are two types of fresh roasted chesnuts sold, because Asian-Americans are very picky about their chestnuts. The bottom row are the Organic Japanese Chestnuts from Kyoto Japan. The top row are Chinese Chestnuts, which are a bit more denser and taste nuttier. I prefer the Japanese ones as they are meatier, softer, and taste sweeter.

Of all things…Chestnut Ice Cream. Yes, ice cream. The creamy concoction with chunks of Japanese Chestnuts is specially made by Sweet Rose Creamery, but sold exclusively at Hisaya in Torrance.

Hisaya Kiyoto Roasted Chestnuts

1757 W Carson St
Unit F
Torrance, CA 90501


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