Just a few photos from my visit to Baker Cakemaker in Thaitown Los Angeles. This place is a Filipino-inspired boutique bakeshop that makes decadent cakes for all occasions and many Filipino bakery items like Ensaymadas (the Filipino version of a French Brioche), Masaladas (a Filipino version of a Portuguese donut or a French Beignet), Sans Rizal (a Filipino version of the French Mille-Feuille), and Pan de Sal (the traditional Philippine Bread). It’s owner, Aris Rodriguez, is a Filipino and a professional Pastry Chef. 

Expect find a higher-end version of your traditional Philippine baked goods at Baker Cakemaker.

A few tables and chairs inside this quaint bakeshop makes this bakeshop an ideal place to grab an espresso and a warm Ensaymada with a 2-year old aged Welsh Cheddar Cheese or a slice of the Uber Ube Cake. Or, perhaps, the very decadent Toffee Cheesecake or a Macaron will satisfy your sweet tooth instead.

Baker Cakemaker

5173 Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA