image Food and Sh*t Pop-up Dinner Event in Los Angeles

Of all things to run into on Instagram, I found that Filipino food will be popping up at Roy Choi’s restaurant Pot in Los Angeles on Memorial Day weekend (May 23rd and 24th, 2015). The peeps who are doing it are Filipino-American Rapper Prometheus Brown and his wife Chera Amlang who helm the pop-up dinner series in Seattle, Washington called Food and Sh*t.

I applaud Roy Choi for allowing this happen, because, let’s face it, the Los Angeles area seems to be a food desert when it comes to modernized Filipino cuisine i.e. the kind of cuisine made with culinary techniques that you learn from culinary school or from a seasoned chef. Only until the last couple years or so, modern Filipino cuisine has been popping up intermittently in LA by a younger generation of Filipino-Americans who hold a culinary pedigree.  To see something like this is good news and I support the efforts of those who want expand modern Filipino cuisine here in Los Angeles and throughout the U.S.

For more information about this Filipino pop-up dinner series, simply book a reservation at Pot and show up on Memorial Day weekend.

For more information about Food and Sh*t, here’s the website at