Bar Nine – LA’s Biggest Hidden Coffee Secret

Far from the Helms Bakery complex and tucked in a commercial building along a quiet residential street is what I call LA’s biggest hidden coffee secret….Bar Nine, a local coffee roaster and coffee bar in the city of Culver City. 

At Bar Nine, it is all about the science of roasting and brewing coffee. The dead giveaway that they are serious about coffee is the large commercial coffee roaster that sits center stage inside and the many burlap sacks of green coffee beans that are waiting to be transformed into the ideal cup of coffee to drink. Yup, this ain’t no place for a coffee drinker who seek sugary signature coffee drinks from places like Starbucks. Instead, Bar Nine is a destination for coffee connoisseurs.

Aside from being enamored with the commercial coffee roaster, a serious coffee geek could also become infatuated with the high-tech gadgets used to make coffee. I know I was. Bar Nine is equipped with modern ways to brew great tasting coffee. They have the typical espresso machine and they also use the pourover brew method. My personal new favorite is coffee dispensed from a tap.

Ordering might be a bit puzzling considering the coffee menu only lists the origin of the coffee are being served and not “drinks” like a Caramel Frappuccino or a White Chocolate Mocha. My brew of choice was an Ethiopian coffee dispensed from a tap. Yes, a tap. By itself without sugar and cream, I tasted a coffee that was lightly sweet, fruity, earthy, and, of all things scented like toasted bread. The best thing was discovering how the tap brew method mellowed out the acid and bittery notes on the flavor palate. When I added just a touch of cream, oh boy, the coffee tasted even better.

Bar Nine is an awesome secret hidden place for coffee in the Los Angeles area. I was happy to have finally visited this place after running into their booth at Coffee Con and I will definitely revisit for another great cup of coffee.

Bar Nine

3515 Helms Avenue

Culver City, CA