Quality Seafood is the only fish market, a highlight of the Redondo Beach Pier and International Boardwalk, is a destination of many looking for seafood to eat or take home.  I’ve going to this Quality Seafood  since I was kid and nothing has really changed. The fish market side is huge, stocked with every fresh seafood imaginable from fish, clams, oysters, squid, crab, and lobster. Items are local or flown in from other parts of the United States.  The concession side is ike any other fish market at a beach, the seafood can be steamed, fried, or eaten raw.

It is a surprise to find that many people (except the Locals) don’t know how to dine at this place and come to Quality Seafood unprepared. I consider it like a picnic.  There are plenty of outdoor picnic tables in the dining area that surrounds Quality Seafood. They have the basic necessities for eating on the premises like plates, napkins, and utensils when you purchase cooked seafood from them. They also supply you with newspaper to use as a makeshift tablecloth to soak up all the juicy bits and shells from that steamed Dungeness or Spider Crab that you’ve just eaten. What Quality Seafood doesn’t have are all the other food stuff and condiments that makes your picnic complete like soy sauce, sirracha, rice wine vinegar, steamed rice, bread, etc. It’s best that you bring your own items like I did. For instance, my last visit there was eating a fresh opened sea urchin. So I brought my own nori, sushi rice, and other food stuff to make my own sushi and to finish my meal making my own Uni Rice.

Purchasing at Quality Seafood is easy. The fish mongers are not entertaining like the ones in Seattle, but they are at least knowledgeable to assist you and answer a plethora questions about the seafood. As for the prices, well, depending on what it is that you’re looking for, it’s reasonable for the local fish, crab, and clams. As a matter of fact, you can get a Crab Bag for $20 and the Dungeness Crab (either soft or hard shell) is $5 per pound. The Santa Barbara sea urchin is high considering the labor and limited number of fishing licenses to fish for them. As for the oysters and the lobsters, they are a little higher priced than what a restaurant or Asian Market will sell you because they are not local.

The convenient part of dining at Quality Seafood is walking around the pier and boardwalk to burn off all the calories that you’ve consumed. LOL. It certainly is a nice stroll along the Boardwalk through the pier and to the sand to dip your feet in the ocean.