I love my Prime Rib. I like to think that I make a terrific Prime Rib Roast for my family’s Christmas Dinner. Unfortunately I had to pass on making it this past Christmas as I had caught a bad case of the common cold. It literally left me bedridden for almost two weeks. So rather than slave over the kitchen on Christmas Day, I decided on going to the San Gabriel Valley for Chinese food. Since my brother and sister were my out of town guests and unaware of the food scene in the SGV, I took them to one of my favorite Chinese Restaurants to eat noodles and dumplings…Lucky Noodle King

Okay, like Lucky Noodle King is solid Chinese food and it’s not the kind of place to eat by yourself. You see, there are lots of excellent choices on their menu and portions are sizable to feed a group of 6 people easily. The Dan Dan Mian; a spicy ground pork noodle dish with crushed peanuts, is one of my very favorite dishes to eat at Lucky Noodle King . I usually order it with spicy heat level of 10, but played safe with a 6 since my siblings have varied heat tolerance. To describe this dish is simple…it’s like a ramen, but without the soup.

The Spicy Sichuan Pork Won Ton (aka Hong You Chao Shou) is also another favorite. The combination that make up this dish (scallions, spicy chili oil, and black vinegar) is way better than eating won tons in a soupy broth. The Spicy Braised Beef Noodle Soup has a mighty big portion of never-ending noodles to eat. I am still a bit puzzled as to how to slurp these noodles in one slurp. I think it’s absolutely impossible so wear dark clothing. Then there are the plump handmade boiled Pork Dumplings. These were gone in 5 seconds. 

Lucky Noodle King is cash only.

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