For those who love drinking wine like me, the Rhone Rangers might interest you. They are like some sort of new superhero pack of vineyards, wineries, and winemakers like the X-Men are for Marvel Comics. These are just a few photos that I took of the annual Rhone Rangers event in Downtown Los Angeles.

For the past four years I noticed a trend in the wine industry where vineyards are diving into winemaking and the slow, but steady rise of small batch wine producers. What I like about the Rhone Rangers Los Angeles wine event is discovering a new winery that I never heard of or read about as a result of this trend. Among all the wines that I tasted at Rhone Rangers (it was a lot of them), Carica Wines was the best of the best. They are small boutique winery from Berkeley, California that sell exclusively to restaurants and direct to consumers. They have an intriguing yet gutsy 2010 Kick Ranch Syrah that was a joy to drink.