I have nothing but nice things to say about Superba Food + Bread. I like the architecture of the restaurant, I love the almost vegetarian food, I love the breads, I love the pastries, I love the coffee, and I love the selection of wines and cocktails. This restaurant is by far one of the best new restaurants / bakeries that I’ve dined at this year. Glad Superba Food + Bread is a great place to eat and I hope to see another location in other neighborhoods in the greater Los Angeles area. Well, I can only wish.

I went on a weekend at a time when the bakery doors opened. There were only a few selections of breads and pastries for for purchase, and from the looks of it, I arrived way too early for brunch. The baked goods were magniciently displayed on the counter like fine jewels and jewelry at Tiffany & Co. The in-house bakery is a spectacle of viewing pleasure from all corners of the dining area. You can watch them make the bread and you can sometimes smell the fresh bread baking. It’s so cool to watch them knead dough for baking, stick them in wicker baskets, and watch them meticulously place the dough in the oven for baking. If you look further in the back, you can catch dozens of chickens and meats being roasted for lunch service as well as a dozen or so pineapples.

I ordered a gorgeous looking Almond Croissant, an Espanola Quiche (aka Spanish Tortilla Quiche), some fresh made Srawberry Preserves, and a cold brewed Stumptown coffee to curb my hunger pains. The items I ate were delicious and I had to take some of it home, because it was way too much food to eat. I loved the flaky croissant, but only wished the almond filling was a bit sweeter. The Quiche took a long wait to reheat, but when I finally got it, oh wow…it was incredibly tasty, toasty on the outside yet the potatoes and Spanish Manchego cheese inside were nice, gooey bites of deliciousness. As for the homemade Strawberry Preserves, it’s made almost like the French way…lot of fruit and less sugar. It, too, was incredible to eat.

A several hours later, a friend and I returned for a very late lunch, because I tortured her with all the food pics. The lunch menu (aka The Good Afternoon menu) has a simple, modest selection of salads, sandwiches, and what they call Toasts. They also have chalkboard lunch specials on a daily basis. What you need to order is exactly what my friend and I ordered to share…

Two glasses of white French wine
The Avocado Toast
The Smoked Salmon Toast
The Black Rice Salad with roasted pineapple

The wines perfectly complimented our almost vegetarian meal. The Avocado Toast came with one large slice of rustic bread topped with a mash of avocados and other good things like the radish sprouts that make it taste so good. The Smoked Salmon Toast was my favorite one, because I loved eating the smoked salmon and egg salad combination. However, my all-time favorite dish was the Black Rice Salad with roasted Pineapple and cashews. It’s a hearty meal in itself.

Like I already mentioned, I love this restaurant/bakery and wished there were more locations. The only downside of my experience were the lack of parking on the premises and our Lunch Server who was a bit disorganized and lacked common sense (she kept double charging our food bill and added items we didn’t order). Other than these two glitches, Superba Food + Bread is worth a longer commute to the heart of Venice to eat great food. This beach town is so lucky to have Superba.