The Tasty Chronicles: The Hollywood Farmer’s Market is like THE mega mall of farmer’s markets. My visit last Sunday was to see what was in season, which was taste testing the many fresh fruits for a good portion of my morning.

From the looks of it, the stone fruits had a head start in the growing season as I saw plenty of peaches and plums at almost every fruit stand. The yellow and white nectarines were humongous and super sweet! There was also a bountiful variety of apples and it’s not even apple harvest season yet. 

Around the corner and tucked in an alley next to the food court was The Spice Alley where I found more food stalls like loose spices and teas, hot sauces, and pates. 

The Hollywood Farmer’s Market is always a fun food destination to visit in the Los Angeles area. When ever I go, I never know what I will find at this food bazaar. There is so much for my senses that it’s mind blowing. 

The Hollywood Farmer’s Market runs year round every Sunday from 8:00AM to 1:00PM rain or shine. It’s a bit of a walk from the closest Metro Station (Hollywood and Vine Street). There is plenty of free street parking on Sundays, but if you want to park as close as possible, the parking structure on the north side of Ivar Street from Sunset Blvd has all-day paid parking for $5.  Like any farmer’s market, it’s predominantly cash only. 

The Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles manages the Hollywood Farmer’s Market and many other local ones in the greater Los Angeles area. For more information, visit