The Tasty Chronicles: These food pics chronicles my attempts to simplify the making of the Mexican Yucatan Slow Roasted Pork dish called Cochinita Pibil. What would normally be a 4 – 5 hour oven roasting process became a 40-minute cooking process using my Fissler Pressure Cooker.

The only draw back with the pressure cooker method was that it didn’t have the nice smokey aromas that comes with the oven roasted method. In the oven roasted method, the pork butt is wrapped with banana leaves and slow roasted at 400 degrees. For my pressure cooker method, I laid a couple layers of banana leaves on top of the pork butt. The banana leaves softened and had no effect that enhanced the flavor of the pork. Rather than doing this, what I should have done was add a drop or two of liquid smoke.

Despite the minor flaw, my attempts to make a Cochinita Pibil via a pressure cooker was a success especially when my friends saw that I had brought Cochinita Pibil Tacos for our picnic.