The Tasty Chronicles: Yeah, every once in a while I cook too. For the picnic a few weeks ago, I made a Chicken Liver Mousse. Those tart apples did the trick in cutting that bitterness. Oh, and since I’m a huge wine fanatic, I decided to add a Late Harvest Riesling Port from Prager Winery & Port Works in St. Helena, California situated just north of Napa.

The 2007 Sweet Claire is a late harvest Riesling port. It has all the nuances of a Riesling with the sugar bomb of a classic port wine. It goes well with cheeses, fruits, fruit tarts, and chocolate. It also pairs quite nicely as an ingredient in a Chicken Liver Mousse.

This dish is my salute to Prager Winery & Port Works for their magnificent port wines and their oddest Tasting Room that I’ve ever stepped foot inside.