The Gold Mine of Pastrami Sandwiches at Wexler’s Deli in DTLA

If you haven’t already noticed, the Grand Central Market continues to revitalize itself into a Foodie mecca where the Downtown Dwellers, local Hispanics, Hipsters, Foodies, and Tourist gather to eat a wide variety of food that represents the L.A. community. With these many changes, I often wondered when in the heck is Jewish food is going to return to the Grand Central Market? After all, Downtown Los Angeles and most of East L.A. used to be Jewish communities. Well, look no further…right smack in the heart of the Grand Central Market is Wexler’s Deli, where Chef Micah Wexler cometh with Jewish deli food and one of my many affinities…the PASTRAMI SANDWICH

I don’t know much about Chef Micah Wexler other than I had first wanted him to win the Cochon 555 way back in 2012. He and five other local Chefs competed against each other to make an array of head-to-toe type dishes from a choice of Heritage Breed Pigs. Then I ate a Bacon-induced Chocolate German Cake and my vote swayed. Sorry Chef Wexler…I’m just being honest.


Anyway Chef Wexler presents us a menu of old skool Jewish classic sandwiches including a smoked Pastrami Sandwich called The O.G. that I just had for lunch today. With a hefty portion of sliced pastrami and a really, really, really great rye bread, my mouth was seemingly preoccupied with chewing that I wasn’t rude when I couldn’t answer that I love the PASTRAMI! I simply didn’t want to appear rude by talking with my mouthful. 

After grinding on the first half of the sandwich, it was obvious to me that Chef Wexler is still a mastermind with meats. I love that the pastrami at Wexler’s Deli is cured and smoked in-house.  Homemade is certainly worth its weight in gold in the Los Angeles Food scene. When you first take a look of the pastrami meat only, you’ll notice the nice charred edges and the pinkish color of the meat. Then you take a bite of it and you’ll notice like I have that the slightly dry texture is from the smoking process.   Combined with incredible rye bread and a slather of mustard, The O.G. Pastrami Sandwich is like an OMG handful of tasty goodness!

Hold on there Amigos…They don’t serve The O.G. for breakfast at 8:00AM when they open. So you will have to wait until 11:00AM when they officially open for lunch. However, if you can’t wait to eat the pastrami, guess what? It’s available for breakfast on a bagel.

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