Jon Favreau’s Chef movie is appetizing like a Kogi BBQ Taco

Just a few hours ago I finished watching Jon Favreau’s Foodie Indie film called Chef in which he plays an experience chef caught between his life long career in the kitchen and his passion for cooking. The story is loosely based on Chef Roy Choi’s career span as a fine dining chef until he took that leap of faith to start cooking what he wanted through his famed Kogi BBQ Food Truck. The movie has a stellar cast of all-stars including actor Oliver Platt who plays the Food Critic nemesis in the movie. Did you know that his brother is Adam Platt, a New York Food Critic?  I love the irony. 

In the movie, Favreau’s character, Chef Carl Casper, brings to light the midlife crisis of working in the corporate world, its effect on family life, and the anxiety of starting all over again. It also explains the marketing phenomenon of Twitter tweets (social media) and the affects of “bad press.” 

After a couple hours, I found that I enjoyed watching this heartfelt movie with the many glimpses of the Food Truck scenes in Miami, New Orleans, Austin, and Los Angeles. I also, coincidentally, left the Arclight Hollywood movie theaters craving to eat a Cubano or a Medianoche sandwich, which was no surprise.

Anyway, stay to watch the credits at the end of the movie as you’ll catch Chef Roy Choi teach Jon Favreau how to make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. As technical advisor for the movie, Chef Choi taught Favreau how to cook like a real Chef.   

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