Chef Curtis Stone hits the mark with Spring Peas Dinner at Maude


Spring time in Los Angeles is hardly noticeable, because the weather is favorable all year around. However, the only time I ever notice the seasonal changes is at the local farmers markets where produce is an obvious seasonal thing; and also in restaurants where chefs display their creativity through their food. Of all the themed ingredients imaginable, I never would have thought that a Sping Peas dinner theme would be  could be an enjoyable dining experience. Well, it was at Chef Curtis Stone’s Beverly Hills restaurant, Maude


You see when I think of green peas, I think of snack food, mushed up baby food, and the boring side dish of green peas with butter that accompany microwavable TV dinners and school cafeteria lunches. So when my close friend asked me if I wanted to dine at Maude again for their 9-course Spring Peas dinner theme, I replied, “Heck yeah.” At the time, I had a need to break free from the mundane. 

Pictured above is my all-time favorite dishes of the evening; a Rabbit Pie with a topping of pureed English Peas.


Half way into the dinner, I came to a revelation after being interrupted by Chef Stone himself who served us the Peas in Carrot Soup. The entire theme of a dinner centered around peas is absolutely insane. Insane! In Los Angeles, the fine dining themed dinners that I’ve been to in the past have always been around something familiar like Heritage Breed Pig, Fried Chicken, wine, or nose-to-tail dinners. I’ve not dined at a restaurant with themed dinner menus that centers around one seasonal produce especially a menu on Peas.  "Think outside of the box" to do things things differently.“ Well, that’s what Chef Stone does with the monthly themed prix fixe dinners at Maude. Each dish is brilliant. His take on food is well-crafted and is executed so beautifully. 

Pictured above is the Peas and Carrot Soup


At Maude, Chef Stone gives us a taste to British and Australian food that were otherwise nonexistent in the Los Angeles area. Pictured above is the Ocean Trout Crudo; smoked trout, pea leaves, and wasabi snow. I love the bright flavors of the the fish.  


Then there is dessert! Dessert at Maude is always something to look forward to. You don’t just get one, you get many of them at least three courses of desserts to eat. The featured dessert was the Fragipane Tart made with strawberries, tarragon creme, and a tangerine sorbet. 

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Maude highlights one seasonal ingredient in its prix fixe menu. Plan ahead of time to save your appetite to eat 9+ courses of food ($75+ depending on the theme ingredient). Don’t forget to treat yourself to the wine pairing to accompany the meal for an additional cost. Released at the 1st of each month, the reservations are like the hottest ticket to get in town. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a reservation, you might end up getting a token gift to take home with you…just because. 

Parking, parking, oh the dreaded L.A. parking. There is plenty of limited metered street parking as well as a parking structure next door to the restaurant. Parking in the structure is $5 after 6:00PM and it closes at Midnight. If you find your car stuck in the parking structure past midnight like I have… Panic! Don’t worry. Simply call the telephone number posted at the exit and prepare to pay your parking fee with a credit or debit card via telephone. The operator will remotely open the gate after your payment is processed.     

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