What to eat now: The Ube Donuts at DK Donuts & Bakeshop

The Ube Donuts have arrived at DK Donuts & Bakeshop in Santa Monica so save yourself a drive to Orange County.

I had just read about the Ube Donuts in OC when I decided to find some closer to home. I figured my friends at DK Donuts would have them since they pretty much have a vast selection of donuts that entices a Foodie’s taste buds. I was right…they do have them! As matter of fact, they have Ube Donuts, Ube Muffins, and a Cronut wannabe with Ube whipped cream. The donuts are less than $2 each.

I love the texture of the Ube Donut. It’s typically made like a cake donut and fried to perfection. Inside is a bright purple color, because Ube (a Purple Yam from the Philippines) really is purple. As for the flavor, well…Ube is not sweet so this donut was flavored with sugar and vanilla. It tastes like a regular cake donut made.

Anyway, I am thrilled to have found the Ube Donut at the Los Angeles area. Thank you DK Donuts & Bakeshop for saving me a trip to the OC to eat this tasty creation.

Note…DK Donuts & Bakeshop is CASH ONLY. There’s an ATM conveniently located inside or you can walk to 7-Eleven next door for their ATM.

DK Donuts & Bakeshop
1614 Santa Monica Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Open 24/7