Late night eats is not too hard to find in Los Angeles. One of my favorite places to grab a late night dinner is at BCD Tofu House in Koreatown, where their restaurants on Wilshire Boulevard and the other on Western Avenue are open 24 hours. 

BCD Tofu House exclusively serves Spicy Tofu Soup. Served in a Hot Stone pot, the tofu is silky as it cooks in the bubbly red broth. Your Server will ask how spicy you want your soup before it’s served to you. I pretty much go super spicy, because my taste buds have a mind of its own. If you’re not into the spicy heat, simply tell them no spice.

The Spicy Tofu Soup is vegetarian and coincidentally, the tofu is organic. However, beef, shrimp, or pork can be added to the soup upon request. Most of the time, an egg is served with this dish, but on the side so you can crack it open into the soup. 

The rice is served in a hot stone pot too. After you have finished the last bite of it, some tea or water is poured into the stone pot. Then, after a few minutes, you can scrape off the last bits of rice and eat it like a cold soup. 

I actually love the Banchan at BCD Tofu House, which is like an appetizer of various Korean delicacies. It’s plentiful as you can always ask for more of something that you like.On days when I’m super hungry, I also order a plate Galbi (Korean Short Ribs) with my order of Tofu Soup.

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