What to eat now: Mexican Street Food from the Mariscos Jalisco Food Truck

The second my brother landed at LAX, I knew I had to take him somewhere unique for lunch. You see, it couldnn’t be just any franchise restaurant, because he was sick and tired of seeing them in the great northwest. Instead what he wanted was really good down-to-earth, authentic Mexican food, because, in his own words, he was, “…sick and tired of eating the fake stuff.” He was gung-ho for a foodie adventure with me (his little sister) when I told him we were going to the Mariscos Jalisco, a food truck located in the heart of Boyle Heights / East Los Angeles that is known for Mexican Street food.

The food truck scene in the Boyle Heights / East LA area is not like gourmet food truck scene where the foodies and hipsters frequent. For residents in Boyle Heights…the food stands, food carts, food trucks, and food sold from a baby stroller or the back of a car is affordable dining. Some have really good and some are just forgettable. These establishments adorn street corners and sometimes occupy a few city blocks during the weeknights and on weekends from the early evening hours to the wee hours of the night. For a few handful, they operate both day time and night time hours. Mariscos Jalisco is a food truck with really, really good Mexican street food. 

Mariscos Jalisco is a food truck that was discovered by a notable Food Critic when the gourmet food trucks started sprouting some four years ago. Although it’s not a gourmet food truck, the food at Mariscos Jalisco was compared to being almost gourmet, because it just tasted that way to a Los Angeles food critic.

I agree with Mr. Gold that Marisco Jalisco dishes out some pretty tasty Mexican street food when I dined at the truck for the first time back in the day. The specialty of the house is seafood tacos like shrimp, oysters, octopus, and abalone. The favorite of Mr. Gold and Foodies are the Shrimp Tacos (pictured above). It’s a cripsy one. It’s incredibly fresh and coincidentally, ridiculously inexpensive. 

My brother and I dined on the Mixed Seafood CevicheTacos that has a little bit of everything i.e. shrimp, oysters, octopus, and abalone tossed together with lime, tomato, and red onions. We also had the Aguachiles (a shrimp carpaccio with a zesty lime marinade). Since I was in a good mood, I also ordered us a half dozen raw oysters and the Fried Shrimp Tacos. This feast plus sodas probably could have fed the 4-person family sitting next to us. Would you believe all this cost only $23?

Well, it was a pleasure watching my brother eat good food. He had the same look that a kid has after opening birthday presents. There was a sense of joy, delight, and, of course, a surprise on his face. Coincidentally, the Habanero sauce didn’t phase him. “It’s good, but not hot enough,” he said. This didn’t surprise me, because he is a two-time winner of a Hot Wing contest. 

Cash only. Street parking only. There are communal tables and chairs inside a room adjacent to the truck or opt to stand and eat. Lunch time is a good time to check them out.  



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