What to Eat Now: The Strawberry Bingsu at Caffe Bene in K-Town


What to Eat Now: The Strawberry Bingsu at Caffe Bene. My Korean friend introduced me to this dessert the other day. It’s like the rest of the shaved ice desserts that you can find in the Los Angeles area like in San Gabriel Valley. However, what sets this one a part from the rest is that it’s topped with a massive scoop of creamy Strawberry Gelato. This dessert was quite yummy! It obviously had fresh cut strawberries, sweet red bean, and plenty of sweetend condensed milk. The portion size is enough to feed four people, but my friend and I managed to eat this dessert since we were hungry for something cold. 

Caffe Bene is new to Los Angeles’ Koreatown yet this coffeehouse brand has been around South Korea for a few years and continues to expand throughout Asia, the United States, and Europe. They specialize in single origin coffee drinks like frothy cappucinos, lattes, mochas, and espresso. They also carry teas and smoothies, Asian-inspired European desserts, dessert waffles, and gelatos. They have a modest sandwich selection too. 


Caffe Bene also serves a unique Korean health drink called Misugaru, which is a multigrain beverage that you don’t see anywhere in Los Angeles except for Korean grocery stores and specialty shops in a powered mix. Served either cold or hot, Misugaru is like a meal substitution when you don’t feel like eating. I ordered a hot Misugaru Latte and I quite like it. It tastes a lot like Black Seasame and some almonds. It also has the consistency of a hot cereal or a protein shake.   

Caffe Bene has two locations in Koreatown after learning that my friend and I were at two different locations to meet each other for dessert. One location is on Wilshire Blvd and the other location is on Western Avenue across from the Wilshire/Western Metro station. They are open late and have free wifi. Note valet parking, but you could always park on the street metered parking.