What to eat now: The Fried Chicken at Chef Ludo Lefebrve’s newest eatery LudoBird


Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s LudoBird eatery is now dishing out his infamous Fried Chicken at The Staple Center. 

I read from the LA Weekly Food blog that Chef Ludo Lefebvre’s LudoBird eatery is debuting on the same day of the Depeche Mode concert on Sunday. Well, while at the Depeche Mode concert last night, I stumbled upon LudoBird which was a surprise. I figured they might be doing a soft opening so I asked if they were serving Ludo’s infamous Fried Chicken. One of the gals uttered, “Yes.” Lo and behold, I placed my order for the dark meat LudoBird Fried Chicken Provencial. What the heck, I also got an extra LudoBird Special Sauce.  In a few short minutes my food arrived. 


While dodging the many Depeche Mode fans inside The Staple Center to find a table to eat, it was interesting to see them at the other eateries and fast food joints ordering their meals. What the heck is wrong with these people, don’t they know good food right in front of them?!?!? I reckon that these Depeche Mode fans are not foodies so I turn up my “Foodie” snobbery to all of them for not knowing really damn good food. Ludo’s Fried chicken is a much better meal than that McDonalds stuff, a Wetzel’s Prezel, and that rather boring pizza at the California Pizza Kitchen.

In the Los Angeles Food scene, Chef Ludo Lefebvre is well known for starting the pop-up restaurant concept with LudoBites where he showed up at a restaurant for a few weeks to cook. A short time later, it was no surprise to the Foodies that he ventured into the LudoTruck to cook his infamous Fried Chicken. Lines, upon lines of Foodies would stand for hours just to eat his Fried Chicken throughout town and at many food events including the very first LA Street Food Fest where many Foodies stood for a couple hours. It was true, I was there watching them. 

Well, Chef Ludo’s newest venture at The Staple Center, LudoBird, dishes out his infamous Fried Chicken too. Imagine a really juicy, tender, and succulent rather generous portions of chicken with a good shaking of Herbs de Provence. Yes, I would rather have Ludo’s Fried Chicken than a Big Mac or a chain store pizza. The fried chicken from an actual chef is a much better tasting satisfying meal in my humble opinion. 

Congrats to Chef Ludo and his wife Krissy for this newest food venture. My pre-concert dinner was a delicious one. LudoBird will now be my destination at The Staple Center for a good L.A. iconic food scene meal.