What to eat now: The Mothershucker Seafood Platter at Fishing With Dynamite


The Mothershucker Seafood Platter at Fishing With Dynamite is an awesome spectacle of delicious fresh seafood.


Since the start of the year, there has been a steady trend for seafood and raw bars in the Los Angeles area. Fishing With Dynamite is one such restaurant that came at the right time when diners wanted something different than the many eclectic gastropubs and pop-up style restaurants that the Los Angeles area is known for. Fishing With Dynamite offers a good selection of various raw oysters and shellfish from the east and west coasts of the United States. Chef David LeFevre, who once was the Executive Chef at the Water Grill, also introduces his patrons to his own eclectic take on seafood dishes. Fishing With Dynamite appears to look like a French bistro; a far more relax and casual setting than the stuffy, high-end restaurant that he once helmed. 


Despite the strict metered parking that surrounds Manhattan Beach and the three times we had to run to feed the parking meter, my Foodie Friends and I had a grand feast eating a couple of the Mothershucker Seafood Platters and several side dishes including Chef David LeFevre’s mother’s Cape Cod Squash RollsAfter a couple hours, it was disappointing that our happy seafood dining had to end. I honestly think we could have dined on another couple seafood platters, but it looked like customers with reservations were waiting for us to finish up and leave. 

It was all good; the service, the quality, and the food. What I like about Chef LeFevre is that he reminded us that the dining on the best fresh choice, raw seafood is still something that is worth craving for in the Los Angeles area. Also, Fishing With Dynamite  is worth driving the distance for and feeding the pesky parking meters. 

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