Love those Godiva Chocolate Mooncakes


I recently found out that Godiva has been selling Chinese Mooncakes. Seriously, it really is Chinese Mooncakes covered with Godiva’s velvety Belgian chocolates.  It was such a nice gesture to be given a gift box of Godiva Chinese Mooncakes to celebrate the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Festival 

Each first bite of a Godiva Chinese Mooncake tantalizes your taste buds with exotic fruit flavored ganache like apricot, peach, and ginger, a pomegranate and strawberry blend with crispy rice, or a passion fruit and mango combination. And of course the pièce de résistance is that each Godiva Chinese Mooncake is dipped in Godiva’s finest Belgian chocolates.

I am now an instant fan of Godiva Chinese Mooncakes! I especially love the packaging of the box. It’s beautiful looking box of chocolates that would impress your family and friends. In fact, your Asian business clientele would also find a box of Godiva Chinese Mooncakes to be a kind gesture.  

Anyway I just noticed that the Godiva website is selling out of the Godiva Chinese Mooncakes quickly since it’s U.S. debut for the season. So, I suggest visiting your local Godiva retail boutique to make your purchases before they sells out.