Love the Vegan Cookies at DeLuscious Cookies + Milk


I received an invite from a local cookie store called DeLuscious Cookies + Milk in Los Angeles. They wanted my humble opinion on their cookie products. What I thought would be just a couple cookies turned out to be a box of their varieties, which was a big surprise! So rather than eat the whole box of cookies in one sitting (which I would never admit to doing), I decided to share the goodies with my staff at work. It was no surprise when my staff said that they would love to have a cookie tasting instead of a staff meeting. I can’t say that I blame them. As a matter of fact, the DeLuscious cookie tasting was a fabulous idea as it  boosted the morale of my hard working staff. When you think of it, food always does that to people especially yummy cookies.

While I was setting up the cookie tasting in my office, I accidentally ate the entire Peanut Butter Kimchi cookie by mistake. As a matter of fact, it started out as one nibble, and then it was two, three, and six nibbles while I was typing up an email. By the time I focused my attention to finish the set-up in my office, I realized that I had eaten the entire cookie! What I loved about this seasonal cookie is the way it was made. It truly was a Peanut Butter cookie with some pieces of boiled peanuts that gave the cookie its chewy texture. I also liked that I could pick up tastes of spices used in making kimchi. Anyway, the Peanut Butter Kimchi Cookie is ingenious, yummy, and unique.  I really enjoyed devouring it.

My staff, on the other hand, enjoyed the cookie tasting. They all agreed that the Vegan cookies were their overall favorites like the Vegan Chocolate Chip and the Vegan Oatmeal Raisin. They also loved the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie. I was a bit shocked that preferred the more wholesome cookies. They like the Cinnamon Sugar Cookie, which was neither Vegan nor Gluten Free. One employee mentioned that they liked how it was more like a crisp than a cookie.

They agreed that the Red Velvet White Chocolate Brownie was addicting. They liked that it was more of a fudgy brownie instead of a cakey one.   Oddly, neither one of my staff enjoyed the Chocolate Decadence, which was kind of odd. I tried it and found that it’s a cookie that is more like a biscotti, which is the kind of cookie that’s made for dunking in a cappuccino or a big tall glass of cold milk.

As a boss, the box of cookies from DeLuscious Cookies + Milk was a perfect corporate gift to share with with staff. It could also be a good edible gift for clients and vendors during the holidays. The cookies are made in-house and they have no preservatives. Its shelf life lasts for only a few days if refrigerated, but you need not worry about it as these cookies are irresistible and will be gobbled up before you blink your eyes or in my case, finish an email.      

Deluscious Cookies + Milk

829 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038
(323) 460-2370