Downtown Los Angeles Semi Sweet Bakery ups the ante with their LA version of the popular Cronut


I was going about my daily routine, which includes browsing through the LA Times Daily Dish blog where I had read that one of their reporters had challenged a few Los Angeles area bakers to make that foodie phenomenon the Cronut, a cross-bred donut and croissant  from New York’s Dominique Ansel Bakery. Then I had instantly made up my mind last night to visit Semi Sweet Bakery after reading that Sharlena Fong, the owner/baker, had just created her own version called the Crullant

So I arrived this morning at around 8:10AM still half awake. As I was patiently waiting in line, the gal behind me and I were asked to be interviewed by a local radio station. We happily explained to the foodie reporter why were up early on a Saturday to eat the very first Crullants.  

By 8:23AM, the Crullant was sold out in front of my very eyes. Would you believe I was like right behind the two gals who purchased the last two orders? Boy, was I in shock. It was just a few short minutes. 

The nice guy at the cash register (who felt sorry for me) was nervous to tell me that it would be an hour wait. “Sharlena wanted the next batch to be perfect,” he said. So be it, I ordered a few other items to taper my appetite and place an order for two Crullants. Then I told the guy,  "I’ll be waiting at that table,“ I pointed. The gal standing behind me also pre-ordered her Crullants. Like me, she was slightly devastated with the news that the debut batch were sold out. The poor reporter from the local radio station was super shocked that the Crullants were sold out in an instant. Unfortunately he told us that he could not stay, but will return the next day. 

Well, it wasn’t exactly an hour, but like 37 minutes. Yes, I got my orders of fresh baked Crullants and took my first bite.  Oh, I love It! The Crullant is wonderfully yummy. It’s a semi-sweet gooey glazed donut stuffed in between the warm buttery layers of a croissant. I’ve never ate a donut like this before. It’s also baked and not fried, which is such an LA thing. Anyway, the L.A. version of the Cronut is amazing and it was well worth the wait to be one of the first people in town eat it. Gosh, that reporter from the radio station should have waited to get his first bite too. It really wasn’t too long of a wait.  

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