Eating Liquid Nitrogen-made ice cream at the Ice Cream Lab

You have seen those food shows or you may have been to restaurants where they make instant frozen foods and cocktail drinks using liquid nitrogen. Would you believe there is an ice cream shop that uses liquid nitrogen to make their tasty treats? It’s true. Yeah true.

Just the other day, my friend and I dropped by the Ice Cream Lab in Beverly Hills for dessert. We arrived just before the crowd hit the place and ironically, we found parking too. When you first walk inside, you’ll find that The Ice Cream Lab looks sterile like a laboratory. Instead of those test tubes and Bunsen burners, you’ll find three “space age” kitchen mixers and a several friendly UCLA Student Lab Assistants Servers waiting to take your order from a rather small menu of selections.  ($5 – $12). 


I liked watching how they made the ice cream treats. It’s quite simple…a little cream in the mixer, add liquid nitrogen, and mix for a few seconds. Then, add the fruit (I ordered raspberries), add more liquid nitrogen, and mix again. Within a minute or two of watching a mad science project, my order of Raspberry Swirl Dream was instant ice cream. Joy! 

What’s even better is knowing that there was no artificial preservatives  or sugar added to the ice cream. It’s perhaps the most healthiest ice cream that I’ve ever eaten. Simply dreamy just like Justin Timberlake. 

Ice Cream Lab website:

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