The Thrilla from Manila Burger rocks at The Oinkster Burger Week


Earlier this month, only the serious burger fans flocked to The Oinkster in Eagle Rock for a week long salute to America’s favorite fast food, the burger. The true fans visited each day to earn a colored wristband after polishing off a signature burger special. Burger were themed around items from well-known fast food chains like The Oinksters’ Dorritos Bell Beefer burger was a take on Taco Bells’ Dorritos Locos Tacos. Also, the dining rules for earning all seven colorful wristbands were just as unique as the burgers. For one thing, you earned the boisterous title of “BURGERLORD” when you have eaten all seven burgers and collected all seven wristbands. The other thing is that you got a free, well-deserved BURGERLORD T-shirt for never taking off your seven wristbands. 



Well, I admit that I was not much of a wristband wearer, but I am a burger lover. You see, my busy schedule kept me out of reach from The Oinkster; however, I did manage to drop by when the Thrilla from Manila Burger debuted on June 7th.

So you ask, “Hey? Like what makes this one burger so special?” Well, the Thrilla From Manila Burger was not re-creation of any of the items from fast food joints like McDonalds or Wendys. The Thrilla from Manila Burger is an original creation of The Oinkster, because its owner is Filipino.

What? You still don’t know what a Lumpia is? Well, any Filipino food lover would know right away what a Lumpia is. And if you didn’t know what it was, well, you’d do some research to discover that a Lumpia is the Philippine version of an egg roll. Then you’d put the logic together and you’d soon realize that the Thrilla From Manila Burger is an egg roll tasting burger. Capiche

It was no surprise to me to find that The Thrilla from Manila Burger turned out to be a mighty tasty burger. Yeah, it was well worth the wait to eat this one. It was also a joy to be sitting inside and texting to people I knew that the entire restaurant smelled like Lumpia. It was even more fun to read all the jealous replies. 

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