I Heart Sushi at the Mitsuwa Marketplace Japanese Gourmet Fair


Sometimes you don’t necessarily need to eat sushi at a Sushi Bar when you live in Los Angeles. A few days ago I was tipped by a Foodie Friend that Mitsuwa Marketplace was having their annual Japanese Gourmet Food Fair . So today, I darted across a few Los Angeles freeways to the Mitsuwa location in Torrance for lunch. 

I didn’t expect much at 10:00AM, because none of the vendors were open yet. However, by 11:00AM on the dot, I was one of the first people in line ready eat fresh Kani Gokai Maki (a Crab Meat Sushi Roll) and a fresh Saba (Mackerel Sushi Roll) made specially by the folks from Otaru Station Shop in Hokkaido, Japan. According to the signs, they were only making 40 containers of the Saba sushi. So I acted quickly after being easily convinced that I should grab my lunch. 



Oh my god! It was the best sushi ever! The first thing I ate was the Mackerel sushi. It was a bit difficult to peel off the plastic wrap around each roll, because of the oily mackerel made it a bit slippery. But as soon as I was able to take a bite of the first roll, I was happy, happy, happy! It’s the best quality made mackerel sushi that I have ever tasted; very bright and nicely seasoned and balanced. Even the texture of the mackerel was light. I especially liked that the individual portions were huge. Delicious.



I also enjoyed the crab meat sushi. It had crab meat on the outside and in the inside accompanied with tuna, avocado, and egg. The crab and the tuna were both from Hokkaido from what they told me. Wow!

I missed out on the Kesennuma Ramen Ushio made by Chef Chiba, the owner of Kanome Diner in Japan. The line for his best selling chicken bone broth was super long at around 11:30AM. My appetite filled up fast from all the delicious sushi that I ate so I didn’t get a chance to taste the ramen. 

It was pretty interesting to see how quickly the crowds of hungry consumers packed Mitsuwa during lunch. All the tables in the Mitsuwa food court were occupied within 30 minutes and it was like a maze to walk through the food stands. It really didn’t bother me as much being around a frenzy of hungry people, because it was well worth the distance just to eat amazing sushi. 

Mitsuwa website: http://www.mitsuwa.com/

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