Celebrating National Donut Day at L.A.’s Iconic Randy’s Donuts


So you got your Winchell’s, your Yum Yum Donuts, and your Krispy Kreme franchises that seem to monopolize the U.S. doughnut market. But guess what? None of you guys have the iconic Randy’s Donuts like we do in the the Los Angeles area.  

It was my first time visiting Randy’s Donuts on National Doughnut Donut Day. (Yeah, I know, I’m guilty for not visiting this landmark sooner.) I had expected it to be crazy since the local morning news had announced the celebration. As it turned out, the lines very long on both drive-thru windows and their only walk-up window. The love for donuts even stopped the morning rush hour traffic at the busy street corner. It was pretty cool to experience America’s love for the doughnut at a sort of epic proportion. 



I spent a few long minutes with my friend debating on what I wanted to order.  My absolute favorite is the Jelly doughnut. My second favorite is the Iced Cake Doughnut with Rainbow Sprinkles and my third is a Chocolate Cake Doughnut.  "Do I want to order just three or do I want to just order a dozen doughnuts? Oh, and I want a large cup of coffee too, because I had wake up very early in the morning,“ I said to my friend who happened to live right around the corner from this shop. She answered, "Get your favorite." 

As it turned out, I couldn’t help, but get a few more donuts than just my all-time favorite one.  The cool part was leaving with a free donut courtesy of Randy’s Donut.