Sweet Breakfast Quinoa with Coconut Milk Recipe – A unique hot cereal alternative


In a strange twist of fate, my Foodie Pen Pal exchanges for the month of November are both Vegans. Can you imagine my luck? I hook up with Vegan Foodies and I still can’t win the California Lottery jackpot. Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I love this twist of fate, because it open my eyes to Sweet Breakfast Quinoa. I’m now an instant fan this unique hot cereal alternative. Thank you Christina! An excellent idea for a Foodie package.


I would never have thought of eating quinoa for breakfast, because I love my Cherrios and I also love my ham and eggs. But quinoa? Seriously, quinoa is like a savory side dish, well, at least that’s how I’ve grown to know it. Coincidentally, however, quinoa can be a radically unique hot breakfast cereal too. This unique cereal alternative comes with benefits to your health:

* It’s high in fiber.
* It’s packed with protein.
* It’s free gluten free.
* It’s wheat free.  

I found that preparing quinoa is just like preparing rice. It’s easy. I simply threw the dry quinoa into my rice cooker. Within 20 minutes, it was done. To transform this grain into a sweet breakfast cereal,  I added little milk (like dairy, Almond, soy), sweetener (sugar, agave, stevia),  some fruit, and some granola for that added crunch. Because I’m Asian, my version of Sweet Breakfast Quinoa has a touch of Asian flair to it. Yes, I added coconut milk to it. I was very happy with the end result of my first time making and eating this treat. In fact, I was speechless beyond belief as to how good this tasted after eating the first bite. Mmmm, it’s so yummy!

Sunny’s Sweet Breakfast Quinoa with Coconut Milk (Serves 6)
1 twelve ounce box of Quinoa (or 2 cups of dry quinoa)
4 Cups water
2 cans of Coconut Milk
Any type of sweetener (sugar, agave, stevia, Splenda, etc.)
1 Cup Granola
Any type of diced fresh fruit
Rice cooker

Place the dry quinoa in a rice cooker with 4 cups of water and cook for about 20 minutes or until your rice cooker says its done. (If you don’t have a rice cooker, simply prepare the dry quinoa according to the instructions on the package.) Add the coconut milk and stir thoroughly. Next, add sweetener to taste. Last, but not least, serve into bowls and top with granola and fruit.  

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