LudoBites.Ten – Good luck in scoring a dinner reservation

Ah, my favorite edgy, yet somewhat moody French Chef, Ludo Lefebvre, returns for what may be his final pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles before he goes legit as the co-owner of permanent one. I have a hunch that Chef Ludo’s finale will be his Pièce de résistance; in other words, a highlight of several dishes from his newest cookbook Recipes and Stories from the Pop-up Restaurants of Ludo Lefebvre. Having dined at a total of six (Yes, six!) Ludo Bites pop-ups through the years, I already know that Chef Ludo’s take on French dishes and Asian fusion will be remarkably outstanding as usual. Oh boy, am I looking forward to partake in the dining extravaganza. I wonder what he will replace foie gras for since there a ban on the French delicacy in California? Hmmm, I can’t wait to find out what I will be eating again, but that’s if, and only if I can score the coveted dinner reservation. Scoring a reservation is like going through the TSA screening process at the Los Angeles International Airport. Yeah, it’s dreadfully annoying.
Now, I’m not saying that Urbanspoon, the restaurant review website that hosts the reservation system for Ludo Bites, is annoying. What I’m trying to point out is that thousands upon thousands of Ludo  Bites fans will be flooding the Urbanspoon website to get their Pièce de résistance i.e. a dinner reservation. To compete with the masses is dreadfully annoying, but a chance to get a dinner reservation is worth every bite. 
In the past, I’ve tried many times to score a dinner reservation only to find out that it ain’t going to happen. The way it works is you sign up as a member through Urbanspoon. Then during the open call date, you place a dinner reservation online as well as an alternative dinner reservation with a different date and time. After that, it’s a lottery system to actually get the dinner reservation that you requested. Your name is magically pulled from a hat and…voilà, you have a dinner reservation if luck is on your side.  
In my past experiences, my computer locked up or the Urbanspoon website crashed, which prevented me from hitting home run to score. Yup, I’m not so lucky. So, my advice for you to score a dinner reservation for LudoBites.Ten is ask your friends to add you onto their dinner reservation as a guest if they manage to score a rezzie before you get one. Oh, and be nice to add your friends as a guests onto your rezzie if you score one before they do.  It’s called reciprocity. Dig it? 
Another alternative is simply walking in. Seriously, if you don’t mind walking in sans une réservation pour le dîner, you might actually score a table at weird odd hours of the evening say like closer to closing time. Yeah, it’s a little risky, but the only drawback to this madness is that you may have to wait and wait and wait for the customers ahead of you to clear out first. 
Bonne chance mes amies!
For details on the reservation lottery for LudoBites.Ten visit: