The Tastes of Fall – Gifts from my Foodie Pen Pal

I love living in Los Angeles, because there is plenty of sunshine, low humidity, and very little rain. This kind of weather makes it ideal to spend a lot of time pursuing outdoor activities like walking, running, hiking, and surfing. Having lived in the Los Angeles area since I was a kid, I literally can’t detect any seasonal changes. Seriously folks, the snow doesn’t fall on top of my roof and the trees that line my street never changes colors. Heck, I admit that was still wearing summer dresses and flip flops on September 22nd, which was the first day of the Fall season.  Strange, huh? Well anyway, just the other day, I received the “Tastes of Fall” foodie package from my Foodie Pen Pal Shawna from the southern state of Georgia.  Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean food blog paired us together for the monthly exchange. Anyway, Shawna’s love for seasonal changes and pumpkin led her to send me her themed Foodie package. (Thank you Shawna!) Thanks to her thoughtful package, it reminded me what the fall season is all about, which is the savory tastes of pumpkins and all the little things that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 
Ah, sunrise! I woke up with almost enough sleep, my cat welcomed me with her morning purr, and there was a nice crisp breeze that filled my kitchen. Within a few minutes, I had my first wake up call…it was the scent of pumpkin flavored coffee that filled my senses. Next, I heard the click of the toaster; the second wake up call. Ah, the bagels were ready. I spread the Pumpkin Butter (the first time I ever had it) onto my toasted bagel and took the first bite. Oh my, this is heavenly! So this is Pumpkin Butter. I love it. The pumpkin spice flavored nuts complimented my light breakfast. Oh dear, these are nice little treats. What a wonderful way to start out my day thanks to Shawna.

In search for a Foodie Pen Pal? The Lean Green Bean food blog is how I found my Foodie Pen Pals. The concept is unique as you receive and send a Foodie package of goodies and/or gadgets (worth  $15) to and from someone from the all over the world. It’s easy and it’s fun.


Hi Shawna, Thank you for the delightful yet thoughtful gifts. I love what you sent me. The “Fall Season” has never tasted this good thanks to you. I have yet to try the Buttered rum and the Georgia Peach juice however, I’m sure that I will enjoy them as well. 
Thanks again,