The Oinkster – Classic Roadhouse food with an Asian flair


Pigging out at The Oinkster is still a lot of fun! It’s been a few years now since The Oinkster opened and it’s still my go-to place when I have big craving for a Pastrami Sandwich and a big thirst for a thick Ube milkshake. I really like the House Cured Pastrami Sandwich and ordered it as a combo with the Beligian Fries ($12). The House Cured Pastrami Sandwich was pretty hardy with lots of the tender pastrami slices. I picked up the taste of the Applewood smoke from the Pastrami. This sandwich is definitely classic roadhouse food at its best. 


The Ube Milkshake ($4.50)is one of my favorite things to drink in town as it reminds me of my Filipino heritage. The Ube ice cream for the milkshake is made of the sweet purple yam (Ube), coconut, and Pandan (the Asian version of vanilla). It’s a great thick milkshake and it’s no where close to being a boring one! My only pet peeve is that it takes longer to get the milkshake delivered to your table than the food. This is one thing that they need to fix with the service.

There are many things to like about The Oinkster. The Belgian Fries are an absolute must-try; thick cut potatos double fried served with a nice garlicky aioli or you can choose to dip them into the Chipotle Ketchup that has a nice tangy kick to it. I also recommend that you don’t pass up on dessert either as I love the PB &J Cupcake too! Yummy!

Overall though the prices and the portions were still reasonable. There’s still plenty of parking, which makes it super easy to dine at The Oinkster. Beer and wine is still served including those cold pitchers of beers. AND…it was no surprise to see that the line to order the food is still pretty long and sometimes outside the doors and onto the patio. But you know what? It’s worth the wait in line for a delicious, satisfying meal!

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