Mexicali Taco & Co – Stuff yourself with the Zupperman


Pictured on the right is the Zuperman. 

I have been jumping for joy since I heard that Mexicali & Co opened a permanent location. It’s about time that they brought their food to the masses! The last time that I had food from Mexicali Taco & Co was at their occasional Baja Night Taco pop-up in Downtown Los Angeles. It was a night to remember, because I was able to sample Mexicali’s entire menu with a group of Foodies. You know what? Everything was amazingly delicious and fun.

A few days ago, I arrived at Mexicali & Co new digs. It looks like a hip, modern taco house. I like the sleek decor and the big red communal tables. They also have a salsa bar to stock pile your meal with your favorite fixins’.Their tiny parking lot is only for their employees, but there is plenty of street parking so bring lots of coins so you can feed the parking meters. Oh and be careful when you cross the street, because you will be dodging traffic entering the on-ramp of the 110 freeway.


The Vampiro with Chorizo.


What I like about Mexicali & Co is that their menu items still costs between $2.25 to $5.75, which means prices like this for “haute” Mexican food will not put a dent in your wallet. By the way, it’s a CASH only establishment.

The menu selections is still small; six selections only.
Mexicali Taco.
Vampiro. (A garlicky quesadilla)
Cachetada. (A tostada)
Zuperman. (A deconstructed quesadilla or deconstructed taco…I guess it depends on how you look at it.)

What makes the menu bigger is tailoring your selection with any type of meat that you want i.e., pollo (chicken), carne asada (beef), and chorizo (spicy pork).


Mexicali Taco with Carne Asada.

What did I EAT?

I’m a huge fan of the Vampiro so I got mine with chorizo. I tore off a piece of the quesadilla and dunked it into the quacamole sauce. After finishing every last morsel, I felt quite satisfied as if I could ward off vampires.

I also ordered a Mexicali Taco with Carne Asada. They make an awesome marinaded beef. This was the bomb especially with shredded cabbage, a squeeze of lime, and plenty of spicy salsa.

Of all the selections at Mexicali & Co, my favorite is the Zuperman. It literally is a deconstructed quesadilla or deconstructed taco overly stuffed with a concotion of all their meats and cheeses. This is my go to dish when I want to stuff myself silly with good food. Seriously, the Zuperman is a must try! You really can’t go wrong with a choice of everything right in front of you.