Baja Night – A Street Taco Underground in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles

“When it’s done properly, taco should be a verb.” Jonathan Gold, Pulitzer Prize Food Critic 

Just recently I attended an underground street taco event called Baja Night where I ate bunch of really good street tacos and other Mexican street food items. Like always, the prices were inexpensive and the crowd was an eclectic mix of LA Urbanites. 

Baja Night is a collaboration between Mexicali Taco & Company and Ricky’s Fish Tacos; food vendors who specialize in street food from Baja California, Mexico. Baja Night is set up in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles on Beaudry Avenue and 1st Street. Look for the plumes of white smoke from the grills and a crowd of people who look like they’re hungry as they caterpillar their way up the ramp to the space next to the 110 freeway. When I arrived at around 6:45PM, the lines were hardly a line and the set up looked a lot like a backyard barbecue party except there was no beer or wine. (Shucks!) It’s a pretty neat concept for an underground Foodie scene, because to see Ricky frying up his infamous Baja-style fish tacos and Mexicali dishing out the Baja-style tacos fit for a hungry carnivore.


Everything from Ricky’s Fish Tacos is seafood. My favorite from Ricky are his Baja-style fish tacos. What makes them my favorite is his key ingredient; a Vietnamese Catfish also known as Pangasius or Tra. I noticed that the denser flesh of the Vietnamese catfish doesn’t fall apart during the frying process. Also, the texture is a little meatier chew it and it’s a hell of a lot more flavorful than the American catfish. At Baja Night, Ricky also fried up his Shrimp Tacos, which were a nice contrast to the fish taco that I’m so familiar with. The special of the night, however, was a Lobster Taco for a whopping $8. It was pricey, but drizzle some of lobster sauce on top of that sucka and you’d find it worthy.  

Mexicali Taco & Company dished out awesome street food as well. The obsession of the night was their Vampiro, which is a quesadilla infused with lots of garlic sauce and carne asada or your choice of another meat. However, I fancied  Mexicali Taco’s Superman (pictured to the left). Mexicali’s Superman looks like two tostadas sandwiched together. It is stuffed with carne asada, chicken, chorizo, cheese, and their own special sauce. The grilled-toasted flour tortilla added a light texture when you bite into it and there’s some nice hints of smokiness from the grilling.  It was pretty mesmerizing to eat this street food for the first time, which is why Mexicali Taco’s Superman turned out to be my favorite street food at Baja Night.

Anyway, it’s kind of hard to find out when the next Baja Night will be. I, too, had a hard time finding any concrete info on Baja Night. The best way to find these guys is on Twitter, where you’ll find Mexicali Taco & Co and Ricky’s Fish Tacos twitting their love, their current location in the streets of Los Angeles, and most importantly…the next Baja Night.!/mexicalitacoco!/RickysFishTacos