Pie as good as gold in Cambria – The Olallieberry Pie at Linn’s Restaurant


I love Labor Day, because it’s an authorized “Ditch Day” from work. So, I took advantage of the free time to take a road trip. While most of the population slept in, my Labor Day started in the wee hours of the morning to drive four hours to the California Central Coast to visit the California State Park, Hearst Castle in coastal city of San Simeon. During my drive, I saw the sunrise in Santa Barbara. I also saw the stretch of coastal fog and morning dew caressing the cities of Goleta and Buelton. Life started to show itself when I passed through the cities of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. “Finally, I said to myself, I’m not the only one awake on this beautiful holiday morning.” After watching the world wake up on the the way to Hearst Castle, I started to get hungry. Why wouldn’t I be? After all, I did leave the Los Angeles area on an empty stomach. With a couple hours to spare, I drove into the coastal city of Cambria in search for breakfast. Ah, an “Open” sign. Linn’s Restaurant looks pretty good on the outside, but I wondered what the food was like in the inside? 

I walked inside and found myself surrounded with country market decor and the strong smell of freshly brewed coffee. I was greeted warmly and showed to my table. “Coffee,” I said, “…with cream.” Within a minute, my server, Jason arrived with a bright friendly smile. I glanced over the menu. I asked Jason if it would be too much trouble to start with a slice of Olallieberry Pie breakfast, because it was the only fruit pie that looked interesting on the menu. He had an even bigger smile on his face, because I had said the magic word…Pie. “Great choice. You’ll love it,” he said. He added that they sell their pies in their store next door if I wanted to take something home. Hmmm, there’s a thought! I can take a pie home. 


During my second cup of hot coffee, my nice pipping hot piece of Olallieberry Pie arrived at my table. Oh my God, this looks so good! Shoot, I should have gotten my pie a la mode. After a few flash photography moments to get the right photo, I finally dipped my fork into the pie. Mmmm. How wonderfully good. It wasn’t super sweet either. It happened to be just the way I like it; fruity, not so sweet, and with a good pie crust that holds itself together after being sliced.  I also ordered a Linn’s Bin Breakfast Special. It’s a gorgeous, yet hearty breakfast dish. Underneath the eggs were two potato hash brown cakes. This dish was actually pretty good for roadside food. It’s definitely the kind of breakfast that one should eat after working up an appetite from a long drive along the Pacific Coast Highway. 

After breakfast and coffee high, I walked towards the back of the compound where I found the other Linn’s store fronts. What a cute little place! I love this! The shops are so darling to look at. A little home goods store called Home Goods and another Linn’s cafe called Easy As Pie Cafe. However, my Foodie instincts drew me towards Linn’s Gourmet Goods where I hit the mother load. I struck a nice conversation with a few employees and Renee (the owner). According to them, Linn’s used to be a fruit stand and it turned into a restaurant with catalog sales of their food items.  In 2005, the original restaurant caught fire. During remodel, however, they opened up their other little shops, which turned out to be a success too. Of all their shops, Linn’s Gourmet Goods happens to be my favorite, because it’s a little beacon that carries all their trademark gourmet food items that they also sell through their mail order catalog.


Linn’s Gourmet Goods is a shop packed with a delightful array of gourmet food items that all Foodies and Home Chefs would love grab their hands on. Inside, I found an amazing selection of the Linn’s signature gourmet food stuffs like fruit preserves, baking mixes, signature pie crusts, etc. I also discovered a whole freeze case of their famous fruit pies and savory pot pies ready bake at home.

Finding Linn’s in Cambria was like finding gold in Cambria, California. If only I knew that I would strike gold, because I would have brought an empty ice chest to take home many of the delectable gourmet food items. You know what? I’ll be more prepared for my next road trip to the California Central Coast. Do you think anyone would notice a Foodie with three ice chests filled with yummy gourmet food items speeding along the Pacific Coast Highway? Pray for me that I don’t get a speeding ticket on the way back to Los Angeles.

You can find Linn’s Restaurant, Linn’s Gourmet Goods, and their other shops in Cambria, California.

2277 Main Street
Cambria, California 93428
(805) 927-0371