Sharing her love for cooking – Cristina Ferrare’s Big Bowl of Love Cookbook

Cristina Ferrare has always been one of my favorite Los Angeles area TV Host icon ever since I was in high school. Every once in a while, I find her popping up in a few mornings show where she enlightens viewers again with her enthusiast energy and family-like embrace. She still  hasn’t lost her touch to connect. A few months ago, I was happy to see her on TV in her own cooking show, “Big Bowl of Love” on the Oprah Winfrey Network, where she shares her love for cooking and dishes out her own signature recipes.  She’s in her element when she cooks and always a joy to watch that I instantly find myself glued to the TV and curious to know what she’s up with that spatula in her hand.
Cooking is her inspiration, which brings back many family memories especially the big Sunday dinners, which were a family affair when she grew up. One of her fondest memories was being in charge of sealing all the raviolis when she was six years old and sneaking in nibbles. As the years flew by, she honed her techniques and built her passion through cooking segments on the talk shows that she hosted.  She also mastered her cooking and holiday catering skills with family and friends. While some gatherings were intimate and fun, Ferrare actually prefers cooking for the masses. So, it’s no surprise that she’s now cooking in her own cooking show. Pictured above is a tasting of her Black Bean Cheeseburger made into a slider. It’s one of the most unique rendition of a vegetarian burger that I’ve eaten and my favorite. It’s hearty, filling, and has a lot of flavor. Very creative.  
Fresh off the presses is Cristina Ferrare’s Big Bowl of Love Cookbook with 150 delectable self-crafted, comfort food recipes. Cookbook collectors will be impressed with Ferrare’s tasty recipes and beautiful food photography. There’s always a taste test when thumbing through a cookbook. When the food photography looks good enough to eat, it’s a cookbook worth purchasing.   
Ferrare was well into her book tour when I met her for the first time. I was immediately impressed with her warm and engaging personality. However, what really impresses me is her knowledge about food and cooking. Ferrare is a true Foodie in every aspect. A conservation about food with her is like a conversation with a group of die-hard Foodies. She’s descriptive in the tiniest detail. She also has a fresh perspective of what food should taste like,  look for, and and how it should be served. A conversation with Ferrare is endless and it gets you hungry all over again. Anyone with a love for food can certainly relate to her passion. 
Cristina Ferrare
Grilled Polenta Cake.
Viewing her own Carrot Cake made by a fan. 
Steak Bruschetta.