Celebrating the Royal Wedding at Waterloo & City

I couldn’t help, but recommend to a friend that we dine at a British restaurant last night to celebrate the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.  I had heard that a few local British pubs and restaurants here in the Los Angeles area were going to do an “all-nighter”, because of the time difference between Los Angeles, California and London, England.  As much as I wanted to be in the thick of the action, I just couldn’t find myself staying up all night snacking on fish & chips, while wearing a rubber ducky flannel pajama set, a tiara on my head. Instead, our royal wedding celebration was at the restaurant that dishes out the best British food in town, Waterloo & City.

What did I order? The Beef Wellington, of course. It’s a puff pastry wrapped beef tenderloin with fois gras. I found the beef perfectly medium. Oh, this dish was delicious. The puff pastry was perfectly baked and and flaky. The beef was tender, juicy, and quite aromatic. I wanted seconds, but opted to eat the rest of my delectable Caesar Salad with the poached egg on top. A side dish of a steamed vegetable mix was served in a tureen with plenty of butter. I fashioned my Beef Wellington and veggies in to a heart in hopes that Prince William and now, Princess Katherine have a long, love-filled marriage. Yeah, I’m a sucker when it comes to romantic weddings. My sincere congratulations to Prince William and Princess Kate. Your wedding was beautiful. Oh, and try the Beef Wellington at Waterloo & City, it’s the best in town.

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