From Sideways to Vertical – Guess where Rex Pickett is taking us this time?

I often wondered what happened to Miles; the sensitive, slightly neurotic lover of wine from the movie Sideways. Last month, I attended a Learn About Wine book signing featuring the Author/Director of Sideways, Rex Pickett. His new book, Vertical takes readers on a wine journey in Oregon with Miles who is now a successful writer and his “whacked” best friend, Jack.

Listening to Pickett was intriguing. He answered all sorts of questions about his own trials and tribulations in life, writing Sideways, directing the movie, his life after success, and now his new book Vertical. As I got a sense of Rex Pickett, I realized that he is Miles.

Throughout the signing, Learn About Wine poured different Pinot Noirs from Oregon. I think right now is the best time drink Pinot Noirs from Oregon. I easily picked up the earthy and herby notes, the hints of wild fruit, and the soft tannins. Oregon Pinots are definitely wines to savor the moment with.  I’m not sure what’s in store for Pickett’s Vertical, but I hope that it becomes a sequel as we all love a good wine story.